What is effective organisation?

We understand the importance of ergonomics in the home and utility organisation. We aim to improve order and create harmony within the residence and enable our clients and their domestic staff alike, to enjoy improved relations by offering on-site bespoke training on any specified area to create an especially well run home to their exacting standards.

We are trusted internationally to keep our clients’ personal lives private. Our service is hand-crafted to suit each client, but below you can find a small selection of the sorts of services you can enquire about.

To Fine Tune your Home

We will fine tune your home to your exacting standards. From re-organizing your clothing storage, kitchen storage, laundry and utility areas, to updating cleaning equipment and appliances. We can review storage systems and suggest new layouts and bespoke cabinetry interiors to maximize space.

We work with your designers to ensure your newly appointed residence is as functional as it is beautiful

“I’ve known Martin for over a decade. He is the most wonderful, thoughtful and organized person I’ve ever met. I trust his insight and knowledge completely. No residence or project is complete without him.”

-Michael Smith (michaelsmithinc.com)

We have over 20 years of experience working alongside World renowned Interior designers assisting them in all stages of an installation. We can review plans and suggest where sockets, phone jacks, light switches and so forth should be situated, as well as reviewing layouts for kitchens and laundry areas to suggest how best to arrange the cabinetry and appliances. We can put together a purchase list for your review of all items necessary to set up your home, and review equipment being considered as well as advising if any other equipment is necessary. We can suggest ways to enhance the layout of kitchens and other rooms for improved workability based on your daily routine and create bespoke liners to accommodate everything from your utensils to tea bags. We can assess your exact wardrobe requirements so you have hand crafted storage for your specific shoes, boots, bags, sweaters, hanging garments and so forth.

Sourcing home appliances, cleaning equipment, linens, silver, crystal and china

We can source all the latest and most efficient cleaning equipment and appliances, as well as presenting samples of fine china, crystal, silver, table and bed linens for your selection. We can perform an inventory of your existing items and suggest any additional items or new sets. We can source everything from the most practical umbrellas to waste containers and kitchen storage jars; all to compliment you and your home.

Wine Storage and Organisation

We can offer storage solutions for your fine wines and liquor. Whether it is a full climate controlled Cellar or a temperature controlled storage unit in your kitchen or bar area. We can review your current wine inventory and suggest what should be drunk sooner rather than later and suggest wines to compliment your existing stock and new wines for you to sample.

Staff Organisation and Training

Through our years of running top households around the World, we can assist with all your staffing requirements. We work with leading Domestic Staffing agents to source and interview the finest and most suitable staff for your homes, and offer one to one training for new and existing staff. Perhaps you have wonderful people who have worked for you for many years, but may lack the finesse of service standards you would like to achieve, or have a new housekeeper who needs direction and ‘breaking in’. We can work with your staff and train them in the areas they may be weak and give tips on etiquette and manner. We can put together a service manual for them to refer to, including step by step points on formal table service as an example.

All aspects of setting up your Home including staffing, PAYE and contacts lists

We will assist in unpacking, and organizing the placement and storage of all your homeware, appliances, and all other personal items in setting up your home. We can arrange cleaning crews and ensure moving you into your newly appointed residence will be as effortless as possible. Upon your arrival, everything can be in place even down to your personal toiletries, flowers and a fully stocked pantry.
We can review your household and suggest staff improvements. We are happy to work on your behalf with agents to source staff, interview and train. We can arrange setting up your Payroll to include PAYE and Employer Pension schemes for full time staff, (now a legal requirement).
We can review your current equipment and appliances. We can arrange service visits and set up service and maintenance agreements and perhaps put together a contact list of approved services and suppliers that are tried and tested.

Etiquette advice

If you are recently living in the UK or are unfamiliar with British customs and the social scene, or just interested to learn more, we can offer etiquette advice and give training. Whether it is advice pertaining to the correct attire for specific occasions, to posture, manners and voice coaching or how to conduct oneself at a dinner with Royalty and any other social occasion.